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Live Shopping: The Next Frontier Of Commerce

What is Live Video Shopping?

Live Shopping is the amalgamation of Shoppable services and real-time streaming videos. There’s something special about live shopping shows that captivates customers and urges them to buy from you.

Livestream ecommerce works in the same way as home shopping networks do. A presenter, usually an influencer or celebrity, promotes a product on the stream, and viewers may buy it during the broadcast. It is also known as live shopping, live shop streaming, and retail Live Video Shopping.


What’s the big deal?

One of the most appealing aspects of live shopping is the ability for viewers to engage with brands and influencers in real-time.

It has bridged the gap between online and in-store purchasing, allowing consumers to ask questions and get quick answers from the comfort of their own homes.

This benefits sellers since live videos bring a conventional photographic product catalogue to life, particularly when visitors can watch the product in action in real-time.

Shoppers perceive this method of shopping to be more authentic, devoid of the high-tech marketing and promotional gimmicks found in conventional shopping methods.

This also allows audiences to develop a more engaging personal connection with brands, resulting in increased brand loyalty.


Where is live shopping presently popular?

Live stream shopping, more than any other e-commerce trend, has established a significant foothold in the Asian market. However, it is not just Asian economies that are seeking to capitalize on this new e-commerce trend.


With the COVID-19 epidemic keeping consumers over the world at home and away from brick and mortar retail locations, Live Shopping has taken the center stage in maintaining our need for goods.

People are getting more aligned with the notion that this might be a futuristic way to buy online as technological advances continue to make e-commerce an easy, enjoyable, and engaging experience.

This is why many major brands are attempting to imitate the pioneering efforts that continue to demonstrate that live shopping is more than simply a fleeting fad, but the future of commerce.

What comes next: You may do live shopping from your own website.

Until recently, Live Video Shopping was only available on third-party sites. What about creating your own website?

For starters, live video shopping may assist businesses in developing better connections with their customers. The interactivity of Livestream shopping enables viewers to connect with a business in real-time by posting comments or asking questions.


Benefits of Live Shopping as the Next Frontier of Commerce: –

Lower Distribution Costs: When goods are sold to customers directly from a warehouse during a livestream shopping show rather than being transported from different locations, live commerce lowers overhead expenses.

The sequence of operations and procedures for receiving an order or creating a label has become simpler and less time-consuming.


Improving Customer Experience: Live Commerce enables influencers to successfully showcase features, discuss how the product may be used in their daily life, and respond to customer problem points.

They assist customers in comparing goods on the market and making educated choices. The beauty of real-time consumer engagement shopping is learning what your audience wants and utilizing that knowledge to design the online shopping experience and influence their purchasing choice.


Brand Loyalty: As consumers develop a personal connection with the ambassador, the seller’s customer value rises. Customers establish a connection with their brands and remain loyal to them.

In today’s world, more and more marketers are rethinking how they engage with consumers and how they may best attract and keep them.


Consumers are increasingly incorporating Live Video Shopping experiences into their everyday routines. E-commerce and retail businesses are investigating how they might utilize real-time interaction systems to connect and engage with consumers.


Live Commerce’s Future

Globally, live commerce is anticipated to become commonplace in the next few years. The influencer marketing strategy is already a tremendous success. As a result, it is critical for companies to re-ignite the human aspect of consumer experience and reinvent retail therapy.

The best thing about live video shopping is that it can help you create massive sales fast. People will be aware of and looking forward to your marketing effort if you execute live stream shopping strategies effectively.

Thus it is also critical to choose the appropriate host for your live shopping show. The host must be able to captivate customers and entice them to purchase what you are offering.

According to the most recent data, e-commerce revenue is expected to almost quadruple from 2019 to USD 6.54 trillion in 2022. Internet shopping is one of the most popular online activities around the globe.

Nowadays, it is much too simple to explore and buy online. How simple is it, you may ask? It’s as simple as a single swipe. And it’s becoming easier all the time. Let’s take a look at live shopping, a highly popular and fast-expanding e-commerce trend that is predicted to be the future of retail.


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