Google Is Working On “Shorts”, A Challenge To TikTok

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, which has gained so much fame in its journey to date. It has given many people the opportunity to become stardom by sharing their videos, ideas, skills, knowledge, and much more.

On the contrary, TikTok, which was developed by ByteDance a couple of years ago, has also been found to catch the eye of users all over the world.

Now, YouTube is looking forward to developing a feature called “Shorts” in competition with TikTok. Shorts will be available in its already existing mobile app, it will allow its users to upload their brief videos.

Shorts will also include a feed of brief videos posted by users. Just like TikTok, it will also have a feature of background music. According to the information, YouTube already has a catalog of licensed music, those songs will be used as background sounds by the users. While in TikTok, the user selects audio from TikTok audio library, which has only limited sounds.

This is not the first time YouTube adding any familiar feature to its app. Like Instagram, it has also added the feature of Stories before. Therefore, the making of “Shorts” from YouTube shouldn’t be astounding.

It’s not only Google, that is working on such a feature, but also Facebook, working on a TikTok MyLyrics like version called Lasso. The app is confidentially being tested in Brazil by the company.

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