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Definition of Acre:

As a matter of fact, a common unit of measurement for calculating the area of a piece of land is called “acre”. Particularly, the international symbol for an acre is given as “ac” denoting that 1 acre is written as 1 ac. Most importantly, do not confuse this with hectare which is another unit of measuring area. Subsequently, square foot and acres are both, measuring units of area.

Furthermore, the simplest way to envision an acre is to compare it to a regular US football field. Nonetheless, an acre is roughly three-quarters of the size of a US football pitch.

History of Acre:

First and foremost, the acre was defined as the area plowed in a single day by oxen (yoke) using a wooden plow. Indeed, many countries also employed variations of the acre before adopting the metric system. In short, the international acre that is the most widely utilized today is based on the international yard that was formerly introduced in 1959.

Apart from this, the usage of acres dates back to medieval times. Specifically, countries such as Canada, Jamaica, the USA, Spain, France, Germany, along with most South Asian countries including Pakistan and India, use the acre worldwide.

Following the increased popularity of this measurement, the size of the farms was usually expressed in acres throughout the British Empire.

On the contrary, expressing them in square miles made more sense due to the large numbers involved. Conversely, the United Kingdom does not practice the use of acres widely. Nonetheless, an acre is not considered a standard measurement.

Thus, it does not denote the same range in all countries where it is used, for instance, an acre of land in Scotland is equivalent to 1.27 standard acres whereas an acre in Ireland is equivalent to 1.6 British or US acres.


Usage of an acre in daily lives:

Evidently, the measurement of area for the residential plots in Pakistan is usually given in Square feet Conversion, whereas agricultural land is measured in acres or hectares.

Particularly, the unit “acre” widely represents large tracts of land, for instance, industrial or commercial estates, farms, pastures, and forests.

Therefore, an acre is used where the legal document for the sale or purchase of land requires the area of land to be defined. Additionally, it is also used to estimate the cost of materials needed for landscaping and/or paving the land.


Definition of Square feet Conversion:

Generally speaking, a square foot is a universal unit of area measurement. In addition to this, one square foot is the area of a square with one-foot-long sides. Furthermore, one square foot is nearly equivalent to 144 square inches.

Indeed, a square foot is considered a conventional unit of area in the United States. Therefore, a square foot is also known as a square ft at times. Moreover, the abbreviation of square feet is generally given as sq ft and also as ft2 which means that 1 square foot, for instance, can be expressed as 1 sq ft or 1 ft2.

Square feet Conversion

An acre is equivalent to how much of Square feet Conversion?


Since one acre is absolutely equivalent to 43,560 sq. ft. while one square foot is equal to 2.29568E-5 ac.


Certainly, it is based on the area of one chain (66 feet) by one furlong (660 feet), yet equivalent to 4,840 square yards, 43,560 square feet, 4,047 square meters, and 0.4047 hectares.


In order to convert acres to sq. ft., the value needs to be multiplied by 43,560 to obtain the value of the area in acres.


Ultimately, Square feet = 43,560 * acres


For example, how to calculate area in square feet if we have 4 acres of land? Subsequently, use the above formula easily to perform this conversion.

Therefore, 4 acres = 4 * 43,560 = 174,240 sq. ft.

Calculator for conversion of acres to square feet


Indeed, this acre to Square feet Calculator converter is free to use online; furthermore, it allows you to convert acres into square feet. Certainly, the initial step is the selection of a Calculator type for determining the area.

Furthermore, in the section of Area Shape, make sure you have selected the right option of Acres to Square feet. Afterward, just directly enter the value of the area in acres. Besides, the arrows help to increase the values in whole numbers.

However, in any case, if the values are in decimals, you can undoubtedly enter them in the space given. For example, if the area of a field measures 2.5 acres so you can easily input this data into the field given.

Following this completion of entering the data, just press the “Calculate” button, and consequently, the findings will convert to Square feet Calculator. Additionally, this will display the results of the area converted to Square feet Calculator.


Acre to Square Foot Conversion Table

To summarize, the table below shows the Conversion of acre measurements to square feet.

Acre [ac] Square Foot [ft2] Acre [ac] Square Foot [ft2]
0.0001 ac 4.356 ft2 50 ac 2178000 ft2
0.001 ac 43.56 ft2 70 ac 3049200 ft2
0.01 ac 435.6 ft2 100 ac 4356000 ft2
0.1 ac 4356 ft2 150 ac 6534000 ft2
1 ac 43560 ft2 500 ac 21780000 ft2
2 ac 87120 ft2 600 ac 26136000 ft2
3 ac 130680 ft2 700 ac 30492000 ft2
5 ac 217800 ft2 800 ac 34848000 ft2
10 ac 435600 ft2 900 ac 39204000 ft2
20 ac 871200 ft2 1000 ac 43560000 ft2


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