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Is Video Content the Future of Digital Marketing?

A large amount of marketing budgets are now going towards Video Content marketing. The reason behind this is the fact that video is the most popular content format on the Internet. It has the power of making or breaking your brand image and, if done right, can boost sales exponentially. 

Video is central to most platforms that marketers use to advertise their products, making it the future of digital marketing. Digital marketing mimics the users’ content consumption patterns, and there is overwhelming data to show that users prefer video.

Video content is already fast becoming the format of choice for both marketers and users. By 2029, it is expected to dominate the Internet to such a level that 80% of content consumed will be video. The abundance of easy-to-use video maker tools is the reason for this popularity.  

If you look at prominent social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, the stats are staggering. Videos garner 8 billion views every day on Facebook. YouTube shares that mobile video consumption on its platform is growing by a whopping 100% every year!. Let’s look at a few reasons why video is the best kind of digital marketing.

The Ability of Video Content to Tell Your Brand Story

Video has the power to humanize the marketing message of a company. No other format can compete with video in how it can connect the message with the target audience. The popularity and continued growth of video platforms prove that video is here to stay.

Digital marketing agencies are replicating the hugely popular celebrity endorsements for online video content at a fraction of the cost. This is because of how easy it has become to reach a precise target audience around the world through the digital medium.

Video content sticks better than traditional marketing formats. Videos evoke emotion, and people remember emotionally charged messages better. This recall is key for digital marketing agencies to turn an ad viewer into a loyal customer. 

Video Messages are Easy to Produce

Producing video marketing content used to be something that only professionals used to do. One of the reasons for the popularity of video content these days is the ease of production. 

There are three reasons for this. The first is that the smartphone penetration around the world has made consuming video content easy for everyone. People no longer have to complete their work, go home, turn on the TV and watch video content and marketing messages. Smartphones have increased video content consumption multi-fold.

The second reason is the increasing growth of user-generated content. These days, with a basic smartphone and a few apps, anyone can create professional-looking video content. Marketing teams of all sizes have started banking on this and are creating more video messages.

Finally, the overall infrastructure of broadband and phone data connections have made downloading and buffering videos a lot faster. This, in turn, has increased video content viewing and, subsequently, video marketing.  

Video Content is More Engaging

Since video content adds emotion to marketing messages, people tend to engage with the content more than other formats. Video marketing messages clock significantly higher conversion rates than video messages that just use text or pictures.

It is easy to make videos to tell a story engagingly, and people respond to these stories.

Digital marketing agencies can take advantage of this by adding call-to-action (CTA) phrases to the video content. This increases the chance of converting a simple engagement into a valuable sale.

Video Content Can Be Easily Broadcasted

Most modern video and social media platforms are built around making content viral. Viral content is rapidly shared by users and soars in popularity in a very short period.

Video content is most suitable to be shared and eventually made viral. If a paid marketing message goes viral, it increases the reach of the marketing message many times over. This, in turn, increases sales, which is the end objective of marketing anyway.

Video Influences Buying Decisions

There is compelling evidence that video marketing significantly influences buying decisions. Studies show that over 84% of people get influenced by video to make a purchase-related decision. 

For marketers, video posts are critical to meeting their media goals. The popularity of video marketing is growing, as more and more people are viewing video content. aNot just that, video content generates 135% more organic reach, which is free advertising for a company.

Video content acts subliminally in building trust with the product. This trust results in product recall when a buying decision is made.

Even if video messages don’t convert into a sale immediately, they play a major role down the line. 

Video Content Works Effectively At All The Stages of Your Video Marketing Sales Funnel

Video marketing helps with branding as well as conversions. It works at every stage of the sales cycle and generates the most return on investment (ROI) for the marketing firm. 


The more a brand is known, the more likely the users are to buy products from the company. Marketing agencies exist because of this reason. Video can capture the spirit of the brand in the most relatable way. The ability of video to add visuals, music, and influencers makes it the richest visual tool to build a company’s brand. 

The branding of any company has an emotional aspect to it. Videos communicate this emotion effectively. Just think of all your favorite brands and observe what emotion you associate with each one of them. The association is typically created because of video ads you have seen of the brand. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a key part of sales. It filters potential customers from general viewers of the marketing message. Companies are increasingly using video ads for generating leads, and data shows that it is working. 

Videos can provide high-quality education to potential users about the product. This cuts the cycle time between seeing an ad and turning it into a lead. Videos also generate high-quality leads that have better prospects of converting into sales. 


Video content can generate sales directly and swiftly. If the value proposition of a product is convincingly laid out, a video ad can directly result in a sale. The ability of video ads to do this is what makes them the future of digital marketing.


It is easy to share videos on social media. The social context associated with interacting with online brands improves trust. People trust brands that their friends like. Digital marketing agencies know this and use video content with social content to build trust between the customer and the brand.

Video Content Comes in Various Formats, and All of them Are Effective

The two most popular video content formats are short- and long-form. Both of them are effective, and we use them for specific marketing objectives. Short-form or long-form video content is here to remain the king of all marketing content.


Video content is here to stay, and marketers will use it as a primary format for their digital marketing campaigns.

The digital infrastructure is geared towards watching more videos. The low production costs make it easy to create professional-grade video content. Finally, data shows that video content works better than all its counterparts, making video content the future of digital marketing. 

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