5 Common Technical Recruiting Challenges Faced By Tech Companies

Tech recruitment isn’t easy. Especially in this day and age where the demands of developers are on the rise. Nonetheless, you can still find, attract, hire and retain top talent.

While conducting interviews with tech recruiters and hiring managers, we have identified some of the most common challenges tech companies face.

Generally, there are a number of factors involved when you’re looking to hire full stack developer, including the nature of the business, niche, and the role. We have rounded up some of the top challenges and how to overcome them with effective solutions, so you can also hire the ideal candidate like a pro.

Let’s dive in.

Common Technical Recruiting Challenges/ Hire Full Stack Developer

Hard To Find Qualified Candidates

Tech talent is always in high demand. Not only that but also they get contacted by numerous IT firms frequently, even if they aren’t looking to switch their jobs. And when they start to look for one, they get bombarded with many opportunities to work.

So whether you want to hire full stack developer and other tech experts for your company, putting an ad on LinkedIn won’t get you anywhere.


You can start off by contacting your candidates on multiple platforms and targeting niche job boards. You can also organize a hackathon event where you can have the opportunity to hire full stack developers and other IT professionals. Also, you can go for candidates with invisible disabilities, which most competing organizations may overlook.


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Qualified Candidates Are Always Expensive

The cost to hire full-stack developers is the second challenge after finding the top and most qualified candidates for your organization. In the age of global recession and the great resignation makes it quite difficult for technical recruiters to acquire new talent. This is because the demand for IT professionals is very high and the supply is low, making them quite expensive.


You can’t alter market demands. However, there are a variety of ways to employ developers and other top personnel while staying below your spending limit.

For instance, if you hire a full stack developer, you can expand your search by going beyond your city, state or even country. Be open to hiring from abroad; you can find numerous qualified candidates outside of your country. You can also hire remote full stack developers as they are affordable and cost-effective.

Technical Skills And Expertise Are Changing Constantly

There’s always a consistent and rapid change in the IT sector. There are always new technologies and tools popping up every single day which makes the lives of technical recruiters quite difficult.

This simply means that the tech skills you were looking for a full stack developer for hire a year ago may not be relevant or in demand today. So, it’s another challenge for technical recruiters. They need to keep up with the technological advancements and skillset in order to attract the most qualified candidates.


To overcome this predicament, you can look inward and get help from your existing employees working within your organization. For instance, when you’re about to hire full stack web developer, you can also invite them to join in on the interview. They can help recruit the top talent. On the other hand, you can also provide training to your current employees to meet the stringent requirements of your ideal candidate.

Finally, when creating a job ad, ensure to include a holistic skillset where the ideal candidate has the potential to learn, adapt and upskill their technical prowess.

There’s Always A Fierce Competition In The IT Sector

As we mentioned before, the great resignation has made it almost impossible to recruit top talent. There are a few top talents who have loads of opportunities in terms of organizations where they can join. Also, since the technology keeps on evolving, making it even more difficult for recruiters to hire and retain top talent.

For instance, very few companies hire full stack developers and deploy them in their IT sector. Now, all industries have dedicated testing engineers to a certain extent.

Today, companies want to increase their digital brand awareness, visibility and attract more customers through their websites and mobile applications. That’s why most companies are looking to hire full stack developers to develop and test their websites and mobile apps. But the major challenge for these companies is to stand out from the fierce competition.


Allowing to work remotely or hybrid is another great perk you can offer to attract top talent

According to a survey by Cisco, 78% of respondents claimed that remote and hybrid work improved their overall well-being. While 79% of them felt working remotely improved their work-life balance.

Although a good pay scale matters when it comes to hiring top technical talents, that’s not the only thing they would consider. A good organization, if they want to stand out, also needs to offer their candidates what they really want; the ability to work remotely.

Recruiting Qualified Candidates Under A Shorter Time Frame

In the fast-paced digital world of today, there’s no time to lose when hiring qualified candidates for your organization. Candidates with relevant expertise, experience, and prowess in their field won’t join an organization with a long hiring process.

These candidates may interview with several companies at a time. It does not matter whether your company offers a better pay scale along with perks and benefits to your ideal candidate. Never delay in responding to your shortlisted candidates, otherwise, you may lose them to your competitor.

The best way to overcome this debacle is to streamline your hiring process without compromising its quality.


You can start by working on your job description, where you incorporate relevant keywords for your candidate to understand what you’re looking for. Also, you need to prescreen your ideal candidates with a phone interview. Finally, you can conduct a background and reference check to further screen them before inviting them for an interview.

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Key Takeaways

Well, there you have it, all the common technical recruiting challenges tech companies face. The best way to find the ideal candidate is to

  • Write a job ad with relevant keywords,
  • Prescreen them with a phone interview.
  • Ensure to reply to them promptly.
  • Offer them perks and benefits and the flexibility to work remotely.

With all the solutions to overcome such challenges, you will surely find the right candidate for your organization. Not only that, but you would also be able to streamline the recruitment process and enable your organization to thrive in the digital landscape.

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