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The Most Expensive Phone.

We live in a materialistic world. We define ourselves, our social status and our dignity in terms of the wealth we possess, the properties we own, the cars we drive or the toys we buy.

It is this need to satiate our vanity that is the beating heart of our global economy.

Companies dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of new toys for high society.

Competing with one another to catch the eye of the wealthiest 1% investors, what eventually amounts to cutting edge technology trickling down from the upper tier of society to us commoners as a brand new product.

In modern society there are products we use in our everyday life regardless what social background we belong to, but that certainly does not mean that wealthy are equal to common people in this respect.

Even if they use the same everyday necessities we do, they have the choice to stand out from the rest of the world everyday products that have been elevated in quality and sophistication exclusively for them.


Products that only the rich can afford, products that declare to the world “I am better then you!”

Among those everyday necessities of modern society are phones. It is an important tool for some, an accessory for others and sometimes even a jewelry to show-off to your friends at gatherings.

When we as ordinary people think of smart phones, we think of popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Honor, Google Pixel or LG.

When we as ordinary people think of smart phones, we think of popular brands like
Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Honor, Google Pixel or LG.

If you have money to burn for a fancier choice you go for the coveted iPhone.

iPhones are expensive and those who can afford it become the envy of their friends and relatives as they symbolize prosperity of an individual.

But what if you belong to that ultra-rich class of citizens who don’t like to be associated with commoners?

“The problem with my iPhone is that my maid has one!”
(A customer of Vertu Phones)

Expensive smart phone

What if you are royalty and want to stand out from the rest of the unclean masses in your choice of smart phones?

The sophisticated sensibilities the rich and famous are catered to by only a handful of companies who have honed their craft of making only the finest smart phones with only the rarest and most expensive material available on the planet.

I have mentioned earlier that smart phones can be tools, accessories or even jewelry depending on the owner’s preference, likewise the companies that design smart phones for the wealthiest, range from famous smart phone makers to high end accessory manufacturers to even famous names among jewelry and car designers.

If we were to talk about brand name phones exclusively for the rich and famous we would talk about Vertu, a British smartphone designer who have made a reputation as the brand of the elite class of citizens.

Vertu, believe it or not, was founded by Nokia as their luxury line of phones. Nokia eventually sold it to a private British group while holding a 10% share in it.

Vertu has built its reputation for being the best among the best in smart phone designing.

The Most Expensive Phone. 2

From the finest precious stones adorning the brushed Titanium shell of the phone to the Sapphire glass display the largest piece in the world that will never get scratched, Vertu is the Rolls-Royce ofsmartphones.

The company ensures their phones are unique and miles above mass produced brands in design and function.

What is a better example of this fact then vertu phones having all their ringtones recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and that all phones come with a standard concierge service on call 24/7 to aid the client with everyday problems.

The Most Expensive Phone. 3

The price of such luxury starts at a mere $6000 for the budget buyers, but depending on the client’s needs, the sky is the limit.

Some of Vertu’s most expensive designer Phones are the Signature Diamond, with 8000 Diamonds encrusted on space grade ceramic body costing $88000 and the Signature Cobra designed in collaboration with French jeweler Boucheron with 439 rubies adorning the body of a snake while 2 emeralds form the eye.

The Most Expensive Phone. 4

Only eight units of Signature diamond were made each worth $310,000.

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