Fix: Why Spotify Keeps Stopping on Android?

A large number of individuals are now interested to know why Spotify Keeps Stopping on Android, and the most immediate problem is how to deal with the issue. Online music-streaming services, such as those provided by Spotify, are among the most widely used services in today’s society, with over 100 million users each month.

Spotify is already accessible in more than a hundred different languages, which represents a huge achievement in the music industry. Spotify has a great number of users all over the globe, but this does not always suggest that the service is without flaws or errors. There are a number of Android-based devices that often face slowdowns or crashes, demanding the rapid involvement of a technical professional in order to rectify the situation and return the application to regular functioning.

Spotify is one example of such an application. Pretend you’re in the following situation: you are at home, relaxing and watching television while listening to beautiful music by a favorite performer, what could happen if there was an unexpected explosion.

Why Spotify Keeps Stopping on Android?

It is possible that a lot of factors are at play when the Spotify app on your Android phone crashes or fails on a frequent basis. It is difficult to discover the core of the problem since no specific reason has been found.

While Spotify is a music streaming service with its own set of regulations, these rules must be adhered to just as tightly as the rules of any other application in order for it to function properly. As reported by a number of news outlets, when consumers turn off the display on their iPhone or Android phone, Spotify continues to pause and restart after 10 to 20 seconds of streaming, but does not resume playing when the screen is switched back on.

Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the Spotify application, claiming that the software interferes with their listening experience by pausing and skipping tracks at random, and that the program does not provide an explanation for its actions. It is possible for your Spotify app to not function correctly while you are listening to music for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Why Spotify Keeps Stopping or Crashing on Android?

Why Spotify Keeps Stopping on Android fix

An extensive list of possible reasons why Spotify keeps stopping on android smartphone is provided below; each of these difficulties is covered in further detail further down this page. The program itself may be at fault in certain cases, while in other cases, the reception on your phone or the network as a whole may be at fault, depending on the conditions.

Remember that Spotify will only function properly if it has access to a reliable network connection with which it can communicate and interact with the music.

The music industry believes that if Spotify or another free music streaming service becomes widely available, music fans would flock to it in large numbers to take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to listen to their favorite artists’ music. Apart from that, it offers a vast range of musical genres as well as podcasts as well as video content, amongst other things. Because of the limitations of a free plan, it will not be possible to prohibit the appearance of advertisements when streaming music from a computer or phone to a device.

The fact that you are free to just ignore the advertisement and continue working as usual while you wait for the commercial to complete is not a major issue.

A service that allows you to listen to music at your leisure is provided by this company. Those who wish to listen to music without being interrupted by adverts may subscribe to Spotify premium, a music streaming service, for a monthly fee that begins at roughly $10 per month, which allows them to do so without being interrupted by advertisements.

Another option for students to consider is Spotify Premium Student, which starts at $5 per month and steadily increases in price over time.

Regardless of whether or not you are presently a member of one of the free or paid-for membership plans accessible to you at the time of your visit, you will almost certainly run across this problem at some point during your visit to the site.

If you are currently enrolled in a Spotify plan, it would be helpful so that we can figure out what is causing Spotify to crash and how to resolve the issue before we proceed.

Therefore, particularly in light of the current circumstances, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most likely factors for why Spotify keeps stopping on android or otherwise fails to function as planned.

Battery Saver Mode

When it becomes necessary, make use of the Battery Saver option on your smartphone or tablet to extend the life of your battery. It is feasible to use your smartphone in low-power mode while retaining battery life and minimizing background activities. When using the Android operating system choosing this option may allow you to greatly enhance the battery life of your smartphone.

Aside from that, while the computer is in Battery Saver mode, all back-end functions are blocked in order to extend the battery’s life expectancy as much as possible. When a program refresh is performed, mail retrieval is automatically shut down, Spotify streaming may be adversely impacted or even made completely inaccessible as a result of this.

It is essential that you switch off ‘Power Saving Mode’ on your device in order to be able to continue enjoying listening to or viewing your favorite music or movie without interruption.

  • You can begin by pressing the menu button on the device.
  • Select the option ‘Power Saving Mode’.
  • Simply click on the toggle button that appears to turn it off.
  • Exit the menu to finish the procedure.

Poor Or Unstable Internet Connectivity

Another major reason why Spotify keeps stopping on android is poor or unstable internet connection. In order to listen to Spotify music, you must have high-speed internet access, which is not always available in remote or rural regions. This new feature, which allows you to customize your streaming experience by picking the music quality you want to hear based on your download and upload speeds, is a wonderful addition that will enhance the overall experience for all users.

It is essential to have a download speed of at least 2 megabits per second and an upload speed of at least 0.5 megabits per second in order for lossless quality music to stream consistently. The fact that your 2G or 3G network’s reliability is insufficient for the service’s proper functioning should be made clear to individuals who are new to Spotify. You will need to connect your phone or tablet to a more stable network in order to continue using the service.

Signing Out from Everywhere

Occasionally, when you connect to your Spotify account from several devices at the same time, it is possible that auto pausing will be triggered in certain situations.

While you are streaming from one device while concurrently connecting to a large number of devices, the program may get confused about where to begin playing music as a result of the large number of connections, which may cause the program to crash.

It is necessary to sign out of all of your devices at the same time in order to resolve this issue, which may be accomplished by following the procedures outlined below.

  • It is recommended that you connect to your Spotify account through the internet in order to view account information and settings.
  • A new window will pop up as soon as you choose Account Overview from the drop-down menu.
  • This window will present all of the crucial information about your account in plain sight.
  • To sign out of all applications, choose “Sign out everywhere”
  • Following completion of your selections, you will be immediately signed out of any device on which you are currently logged in, which may include your personal computer, unless you specify otherwise.

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