Imginn App Download Instagram Stories Pic and Videos in 2022

Instagram is now favored by many young audiences around the world. Apart from sharing images, and keeping profiles either public or private, it is one of the best suited platforms for influencers. Instagram stories are among the best features making Imginn App Download much more popular among society’s young segment.

A lot of people are in admiration of Instagram stories and story highlights. In fact, they even take screenshots of them or try recording them using screen recorders in their phones. 

But what if they miss that? They may visit that account but what if it’s gone? What if users do not have the account? Or are they using the browser in their devices/computers? It would not be possible to observe stories easily after they are gone.

Now a solution exists for this issue. Yup, once known as ViewInsta, Imginn (pronounced Imagin) is a site that helps users view Instagram Stories and associated highlights on any browser or device without the need of logging in to the Imginn Instagram account.

A bit about Imginn – what is it and how good is it?

Imginn is a website which is also available as an app. It can help Instagram users view images of their friends without having to enter the Instagram profile. The software also aids users with instant download of Instagram stories highlights. Imginn can help users obtain any story highlight on the platform and then save it on the device with ease.

The process is quite easy. Imginn app download is possible on mobile devices and can be  used on computers too. Then users can open it and download the needed images, videos and stories highlights from Instagram

For downloading stories highlights from private profiles, users need to enter their Instagram username and password in Imginn. The app won’t hurt or hack any user’s Instagram account.

Does Imginn work anonymously?

This can sound a bit strange but it is true. People can view any public Instagram profile easily and anonymously through Imginn. When users are viewing profiles through it, the profile being viewed isn’t aware who is viewing them. 

But the app would prevent them from liking their content, giving reactions or even posting anything on their own profiles. The web version of imginn lacks a few features.

Users who have multiple profiles on Instagram can use Imginn to locate of them nicely. It even allows users to interact with other accounts using their multiple accounts. The app can help them download images, stories, highlights, reels and videos. Moreover, the app has improved its user interface (UI) quite nicely.

Is Imginn that good? Imginn App Download

In all honesty, Imginn is a free to use website which also provides a browser extension. The latter allows users to view posts from either their own or anonymous accounts. Whenever a user opens a profile, the field titled ‘Username’ will be added underneath the profile’s name.

Once users type the user name of that profile, they will see it as an anonymous profile without that profile’s owner knowing the user is viewing them. Yet a few limitations exist with this service but they are quite minimal.

Another worthwhile feature of Imginn is that it allows users to download their desired Instagram post (especially stores because that’s what the app was built for). As the app won’t access private accounts, viewing any public Instagram post anonymously is easy.

Users can also download reels, videos and images with relevant ease. Imginn is free and anonymous and also helpful in viewing Instagram stories. While it does have a few shortcomings, Imginn is still one of the best ways of browsing Instagram without the risk of being detected.

Creating an account on Imginn – the steps involved

Register one

Creating an account on Imginn is the first step to using it. It requires an email address and a personal one is preferred. A password of eight letters, one in caps, one lowercase and a number is key towards making a robust one, users can make one as they desire. For further verification, providing a name and a number is needed.

Signing into the account

Users must then click on login, and enter both username and password to access the app. They should know that once they have logged in, subsequent logins will flow quite smoothly without users having to log in again. 

Finding the video

Imginn is a good tool for downloading an Instagram video. Downloading an Instagram video via Imginn requires a mobile device.  Then the Imginn app should be given access to the device’s storage to download and store the video.

Previewing the video and downloading it

When the video is set for download, users need to preview the thumbnail to make sure its appropriate. At times, users by mistake add the wrong URL of the post. Hence they should always double check it and then proceed towards downloading it.

Saving and sharing the video

Users after saving the video can share it with their friends via any means. They can email it or can share it via WhatsApp. However, they need to be careful if they share it on Facebook or Instagram because they can face issues regarding its authenticity. If it is news, they can do it with ease but still they need to practice caution in that area.


Imginn might not be able to copy Instagram Stories Photos design because of trademark protected layouts. Yet users who know a bit about graphic design can create those custom layouts by themselves with ease.

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