SQL Server 2022 – Understanding The SQL Server 2022 Deeply

It was in November 2021 that Microsoft Corporation made an announcement. The company teased a  private preview of its flagship database product, SQL Server 2022. This year, at any time, professionals will the release of SQL Server 2022 (and SQL Server 2022 new features) and that too a General Availability (GA) product. Yet, the specific date of release is yet to be disclosed.

Yet, professionals should expect to observe a wide array of the features which have been announced, and that too in the next major release deployed to customers using Azure SQL. Microsoft is renowned for launching and deploying new products and innovative features in both existing and new products. 

Giving  the Azure cloud new features is no longer an alien practice for the company.. The new features and products deployed outnumber the advances made on physical on-site  products.

This approach gives customers the needed advantage of robust new capabilities before the General Availability of the on–premises product. This also offers Microsoft the chance to carefully monitor the user experience and the impact of performance of each new feature presented.

The SQL Server 2022 is loaded with pretty decent and robust features. Also, a variety of videos are present online explaining the product. Yet, professionals can only get highlights and demonstrations of key features of SQL Server 2022 new features from these videos, instead of a complete list of all the new capabilities it has.

Any tech professional seeking to learn about the brilliant new features it has to offer can opt for SQL Server 2022 certification, as its tutorial videos offer in-depth knowledge of the product.

The new features in SQL Server 2022

Now is the time to have a good look at the new features for performance, availability, security and governance offered by Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022.

Improvements in performance

SQL Server 2022 is packed with two key features in the performance aspect. The first one, a set known as Intelligent Query Processing, is present. It enables SQL Server to make improved execution plans along with carrying out multiple execution plans seamlessly. They ensure all subsequent executions of the query are working properly.

Then the company added improvements to the Query Store. This is functional for all new databases created. The Query Store helps in resolving performance issues which are related to the following features: 

  • Settings for Maximum Degree Of Parallelism (MAXDOP). 
  • Memory grants.
  • The estimator of cardinality. 

It does so through usage of a feedback cycle to adapt and improve plans of query execution.

It is also heartening to know that this function also supports the availability group (AG) read-only replicas. This enables query hints directly in the Query Store. It hence improves the performance of query management without modifying the code. 

These SQL Server 2022 New Features are surely worth the investment and worth the value of money invested. Moreover, learning about them is now possible in the training videos of SQL Server Certification 2022.

Top-notch availability and improvements to connections

Top-notch availability here is synonymous with high availability, and this in SQL Server 2022 gets better and better. It allows programmers and users to easily make a distributed AG between a physical SQL server (present on site) and an Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) quickly. 

It works as a recovery system and also works as a backup server in the event of a disaster. Alternatively, it can also work as a read-only replica for reporting workloads. Users can also conduct a manual failover to the MI and then get back again to the on-premises SQL server in just a few clicks. 

It should however be understood that the distributed AGs are not identical to standard ones. The reason for this is that both the pre-requisites and features may have differences among them.

Another collection made between SQL Server 2022 new features and Azure Synapse Analytics is known as Azure Synapse Link. This allows SQL Server 2022 to add changes to data automatically. The changes that occur in the SQL server can be fed directly to the Azure Synapse Analytics without making a new and prominent ETL pipeline.

Training modules about these features are available in tutorial videos of SQL Server Certification 2022.

Improvements in Governance and Security

People remember the hype that surrounded Blockchain not so long ago. This is where the SQL Server Ledger comes in handy.

The new feature makes an immutable track record of data alterations, changes and modifications over time by using blockchain like technologies. It protects data from violation and unlawful alteration. This comes in handy for certain situations and use cases. It even offers advantages for both external and internal audits.

Microsoft has expanded its initial set of features into a wider platform of data governance, also known as Purview. It now provides more tightened integration with both the SQL Server and Azure SQL, where programmers can scan the SQL server automatically. Such a feature helps the server do the following easily:

  • Catch metadata. 
  • Classify data by using common classification labels. 
  • Tagging using PII data or HIPAA data. 

It also helps with configuration, along with control of specific access rights and privileges to the SQL server. All this is done from an individual Azure Purview console. Those who are seeking to obtain SQL Server Certification 2022 will find learning modules pertaining to these features with ease, and will learn about them in detail too.


This might all seem like a handful, but it is worth knowing. Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is surely an upgrade on its predecessor, and is set to cater to a wider variety of applications and programs plus software to raise the gears of the technology industry into the higher avenue. Moreover, SQL server certification 2022 will now be sought after by numerous tech graduates and professionals alike.

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