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AI chatbots are not something new. They have been in development since the late 90s. Nowadays they have thankfully evolved thanks to the development of OpenAI. One of the best chatbots developed using Open AI and other relevant technologies is none other than ChatGPT.

What is an artificial intelligence chatbot (chatGPT)?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and its associated technologies . This gives people the chance to have human-like conversations with a chatbot along with other life like interactions.

The language model used by ChatGPT answers questions asked by people nicely, and can further help them with numerous tasks like composing emails, writing essays, coding and the like.

Chatbot ChatGPT

Currently, ChatGPT can be used by all members of the public without having to pay any costs because the platform is still in the research and feedback collection stages.

Who created ChatGPT?

OpenAI is the company that created ChatGPT. Its main areas of expertise are research on technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). The company launched the platform on November 30, 2022 and the whole world is talking about it. 

The company’s name may sound familiar because it is known for making AI art generator DALLE-2 and an automatic speech recognizer named Whisper.

Why is ChatGPT such a big deal?

This certainly made quite a splash. According to Elon Musk, Chat GPT is good but scary. The world is not distant from a dangerous version of AI. Surprisingly, he’s among the founders of OpenAI before leaving it.

Chief of OpenAI Sam Altman stated on Twitter once that since launching it, ChatGPT gained more than a million users. He further explained to Elon Musk about the average cost of each response, which amounted to single-number cents. However, he did admit that the platform eventually needs to monetize because of high computing costs.

Moreover, Sam Altman further noted in a tweet the buzz surrounding ChatGPT where he said that he finds how many takes are generated on ChatGPT, and that the company is looking in an exponentially flat way backwards, and vertically forward.

How can ChatGPT be accessed and how are people using it?

Accessing the platform is no longer a hard job. Users can easily visit and create an OpenAI account. They can start asking the bot the needed questions once they have signed in.

Once users are signed in, they can start asking the bot their questions. One good way of starting the conversation is through asking a good question. Since ChatGPT is in the research and development stages, its current version is free to use. 

The model has numerous functions in addition to answering easy questions, such aws describing art works, writing essays and the like along with creation of AI art prompts, having conversations on a philosophical level and can also write code.

The modus operandi of ChatGPT

OpenAI trained the language model through usage of reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). Human AI trainers gave the model conversations involving all AI assistants, users and systems in playing their respective roles in development of ChatGPT’s modus operandi.

What is the main difference between ChatGPT and a search engine ? Are they both alike?

ChatGPT is basically a language model created with the aim of the platform holding a meaningful conversation with end users. On the other hand, a search engine works by indexing various web pages on the internet. This helps users find the much needed information online in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT is only a chatbot and does not have the abilities of search engines to search the internet for information. It uses the information received from learning from training, to help generate a response. There is hence room for error in such a process.

ChatGPT does not have such an ability to search the internet for information. It uses the information which it learned from training information for generating a response. Hence it leaves a huge room for error.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Despite looking quite impressive, ChatGPT is strewn with limitations. Among them is the inability to answer certain specific questions asked in certain ways. Question needs to be reworded and asked again so it can understand the input.

Then comes the lack of quality in the responses it delivers. Though it is not a search engine, it can at times sound quite neutral and its responses may not make any practical sentences. Its responses can have excessive verbosity. 

Another thing is that the model takes an accurate guess with the meaning and gist of questions instead of asking users to be clear in terms of ambiguous and complex questions. It leads to a lot of unintended responses to certain questions, of which some have drawn a lot of ire. 

This led to developer Q&A site StackOverflow to at least temporarily put a stop to some responses to questions, especially those generated by ChatGPT.

StackOverflow moderators reveal that the main problem in the answers of ChatGPT has been a high rate of inaccuracy. Usually the answers look good, might be good and are easy to produce. Critics are of the view that such tools are only capable of using words to interpret statistical facts. Yet they cannot produce the correct and needed answers.

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