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Key Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

The past few years have been quite turbulent and a lot of uncertainty was present. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic of last year which made things more uncertain. It is without much doubt some marketers have found planning and preparing for the upcoming time a challenge tough to tackle and manage.

The Digital Marketing Trends world continues experiencing a lot of change. As the world moves further in a new landscape, the upcoming versions and generations of Google’s algorithms, analytics, and marketplaces will not only grow immensely but will also evolve too.

Keeping in mind numerous insights coming from industry leaders and experts in paid media, technical SEO, digital strategy, programmatic marketing, social media and digital marketing, here are some digital marketing trends which are worth seeing and believing:

Embracing the evolving Digital Marketing Trends landscape

Last year was the year numerous firms experienced a lot of shifts in adapting to the new normal. A lot of brands were forced to not just evolve to quick changes in the market but to understand what was going on. Hence they needed to see new modes of tracking, attribution and coming in front of the audience to be at the forefront.

In short, digital advertising trends of last year might get overshadowed by new trends this year.

The loss of third-party data is often cited as the initiating factor for innovation in data collection. This has started new and creative ways to collect and direct first-party data via channels like surveys, newsletter subscriptions, email subscriptions and the like. Hence, digital marketers should have awareness on how to track audiences and optimize available data this year.

Capitalizing on first-party data

Adapting to the loss cookies created a movement and an urge to move towards typical first-party marketing. For companies, getting closer to their audiences to make a personal retention driven relationship is evolving. Businesses are adjusting to losing out on what was once expected in third-party data collection.

Privacy does come first, and this is something to be understood when doing digital marketing for banks. This is why marketers ought to streamline forms, collect intentional zero-party data through returns, feedback and vice versa. This might also help improve security in bank account.

Google Analytics 4 and subsequent automation in digital marketing

Regardless of anything, digital marketers owe a lot to Google Analytics for helping improve digital marketing and doing a lot for them in analyzing the needed trends and factors. Moreover, identifying digital marketing trends has been made possible through Google’s tools for digital marketing.

To the current multi-device landscape which has become quite complex, the solution for digital marketing in such is Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It is created keeping a new framework of interaction in consideration and provides analysis optimized for the diverse market covering websites, the web, mobile apps, streams, POS, games and the like. This might also help improve digital advertising trends.

Machine learning and other paradigms of attribution are integrated into the new privacy-compliant platform made by Google. GA4 has flexible reports which can be easily configured by users along with user friendly dashboards. The bespoke nature of it hence encourages ease of use along with high visibility of data.

The more data marketers have in Google Analytics 4, the more quickly they can migrate to the software one it reaches the enterprise level. Making the switch sooner instead if later will help marketers obtain the benefit from the innovation Google has brought, built upon a library of data and activity.

The growing force of marketplaces should not be overlooked

Marketplaces are experiencing robust growth and are becoming more prominent (one of those digital marketing trends which cannot be ignored). In 2020, the months of April and May saw robust growth in eCommerce (thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic) and that growth was more than that of the previous decade.

Exactly, ten years of growth was achieved in eight weeks. Moreover, more than 15 million customers in the United Kingdom are subscribers of Amazon Prime, which has a lot of subscribers in the United States too.

The growing force of marketplaces is hence encouraging diversification of sales. The rising number of social and shop worthy platforms help produce leads online. This is encouraging a lot of brands to embrace diverse and multiple channel sources of leads. This is hence adding more to digital advertising trends too.

Video is the preferred content and medium of choice

Whether it’s digital marketing for banks, for stores, for automotive, for boutiques, fashion or any other kind of firm, video is the most preferred choice of content. In a survey, almost 75% of marketers advised that video has a much better return on investment (ROI) as compared to static medium.

That’s right, video based content is among the best digital marketing trends ever. Though not necessarily among digital banking trends but something that is worth using and watching over and over again, video marketing is a winner. 

The rise in the number of moving ads, video channels and live streams have helped generate robust engagement across various markets. Such an engagement is also of superior quality too.

Moreover, social and video commerce offer consumers a direct journey in purchasing and explorations. Ranging from the likes of Instagram to checkout, the consumer’s journey has thus become easier than it once was.

Yet it is vital considering the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. Yes, whether its digital marketing job for banks or any other business, it is wise to consider the above, and create customized strategies best studied to the consumers’ medium of choice.


Digital banking trends are different from digital marketing trends, the latter cannot be overlooked at any cost because times are changing and so are the industry’s trends. Marketing has evolved considerably and so has its digital side. Digital marketing trends not only see an improvement but also seem to complement digital banking trends nicely too.

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