10 VPS Server Provider In Belgium That Delivers The Best Value

Delivering a great user experience to your customers is the top priority of every business. Sadly, very few businesses manage to achieve this goal. There are a lot of hurdles that prevent businesses from achieving this goal. One of them is financial constraints. 

VPS Server Provider In Belgium

This is more apparent when you start a small business or are the owner of a startup. Every business has a website but only a handful manages to satisfy the user through great user experience. Most small businesses don’t have the budget to spend on a dedicated server but also don’t want to settle for a mediocre user experience that shared servers tend to provide.


So, what’s the solution? VPS server. VPS server singapore help you find the perfect sweet spot between price and performance. You can enjoy the performance of a dedicated server without paying the steep price. With exponential growth in the IT industry, we are seeing new players entering the IT market. This has made it tough for businesses to choose the best VPS server in Belgium. If you are also facing similar issues then, you have landed on the right article.

In this article, we will cover ten of the best VPS servers in Belgium that offer the best bang for your buck.

10 Best VPS Server Provider In Belgium

These are some of the best VPS hosting options that deserve your attention.


Ever wished you could get all the power, features and flexibility you need at a reasonable price? HOSTNOC makes your dream come true with its VPS server offerings. By choosing some of the best hardware for its VPS server, HOSTNOC VPS servers are made to deliver fast and reliable performance. Features like 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support and regular security and performance monitoring give you the assurance that your business is in safe hands.


Best of all, you can get all that and much more at a fraction of the price of other competitors. HOSTNOC also lets you use the operating system of your choice, create custom packages to fulfill your business needs and even let you choose your own storage and hardware options. You would be hard pressed to find a server provider that can offer all that at such an affordable price.


For those looking for unique and hard to find features without paying the premium, Hostinger offers a compelling package. Features like support for IPv6 and dedicated IP addresses are packaged into a cost effective pricing plan. Still confused? Their 30 day money back guarantee might convince you to give their service a try. Hostinger does a great job when it comes to customer support and when you combine that with easy to set up, use and manage control panels, it makes it a great option for new website owners.


OVH Cloud ticks most boxes whether it is offering a wide range of services, pricing plans and amazing customer support but lags behind when it comes to user friendliness. The confusing user interface of the control panel is also inconsistent, which makes it even worse. They also offer a one week rental option that you can take advantage of for testing their service before jumping right in.


Chemi Cloud VPS servers use advanced caching and LiteSpeed technology to deliver optimal performance. It also fares very well in terms of customer support and refund policy. Additionally, the free site migration and domain makes the already good package even better. If you want to get the best discount from Chemi Cloud, you will have to sign up for their 3 years plan. This might seem like nitpicking but it is surely an attempt to hook you into vendor lock in to get the discount. If vendor lock-in does not bother you or you want a VPS server for 3 years, Chemi Cloud is a great choice.


Combell makes itself stand out from the crowd with its industry leading uptime and money back guarantee. You won’t find a 99.9999% uptime guarantee and 90 day money back guarantee anywhere else. This puts it ahead of its competitors when it comes to reliability. If you are looking for a local server provider in Belgium then there is no better option than Combell. With all its data centers and servers located in Belgium, it can be an ideal choice for local businesses with a local target audience. 

A2 Hosting

Don’t want to compromise on the performance even if you have to pay a higher price for it? A2 hosting should be on top of your list. With unrivaled page load times and unmatched uptime, you can get performance that is hard to beat. This makes it one of the best VPS Belgium when it comes to performance. The high renewal fees is the only small downside with A2 hosting. If that does not matter to you, you can certainly consider it.


Nucleus is a dependable server provider that not only offers you great uptime but does it without putting a huge dent in your bank account. It is extremely difficult to find a control panel interface that is both visually appealing to look at and is also easy to use. Nucleus manages to achieve that. What’s even more interesting is that they also provide helpful material like podcasts and documentation such as books to help new users understand how their services work. This makes it easy for beginners to set up, troubleshoot and manage VPS servers.


Previously known as First Server NV, Kinamo was established in 2003. This local Belgium server provider started as a web hosting company but later expanded their products and service portfolio tremendously. Fast forward to today and it is one of the largest IT service providers in Belgium with a massive service portfolio. Unfortunately, the uptime is not at par with its competitors and there is no money back guarantee either. Thankfully, round the clock customer support more than makes up for this shortcoming.

Easy Host

If you are looking for more storage space or daily data backup facility, Easy Host should be on your radar. Even though the poor customer support might put off many prospective buyers, the free SSL certificates and free website migrations more than makes up for it. This might attract website owners who are already looking to migrate. Website owners that put security over everything else might also find Easy host VPS offerings appealing.

Club VPS

 One of the oldest VPS providers in Belgium, Club VPS possess state of the art infrastructure. It is the leading Club VPS Server Provider In Belgium that uses sophisticated load balancing technology to provide blazing fast performance even through their budget VPS offerings. If you are in the market to find a web hosting solution, you can definitely find one which is tailored to your business needs at Club VPS.


Which VPS server provider in Belgium is the best in your opinion? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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