Best Alternatives To Textsheet Everyone Should Know About

Those who have used Textsheet to help themselves find answers and solutions for their homework and assignments, might be surprised to know that it is no longer in existence. That’s right, it is unfortunate that a once hot favorite of students Textsheet is now no longer in existence. 

Textsheet helped students find answers to any question in a wide range of categories. It also helped students complete their homework and assignments on time in a meticulous fashion.

How did this hot favorite close down? In 2019, Textsheet com received a copyright notice from Chegg. Apparently, some answers from Textsheet were actually copied from websites like Chegg and Chegg itself. Hence, the company decided to file a DMCA copyright notice against Textsheet.

What to do now that the Textsheet is gone?

Despite the fact that Textsheet is no longer in existence, there are websites similar to Chegg and other websites like Chegg homework help, which students can easily use. This post will help them learn about the best alternatives to Textsheet com which they can use. All of these sites can help them find answers to questions in their assignment or homework which are difficult.

Now let us read about them in brief detail.


One of the best alternatives to Textsheet, Chegg filed a copyright complaint against its former rival due to some answers copied from it. Moreover, many of the answers students once found on Textsheet were actually sourced originally from Chegg.

The software has above 32 million questions and answers across a wide array of topics. Yet, Chegg goes beyond the typical questions and answers thingy, and helps students conduct a lot of other activities too, especially receiving aid from experts.

Here are some of the key available features:

  • Live Q&A.
  • Q&A library.
  • Textbook solutions.
  • Practice exercises.
  • Grammar tool.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Citation.
  • Math issue solver.
  • Flashcards.
  • Acquisition of textbooks at affordable prices.
  • Textbooks available for rent.

However the disadvantages of using Chegg are that it is not free. It has a study pack costing USD 20 per month. It gives access to Chegg Study (having access to more than 32 million Q & A), Chegg Writing and Match Solver. THe study pack is a money saver though and proves to be better than Textsheet com.


Slader has a worthwhile design which is also well organized. Here are the main categories (which have their subcategories accordingly):

  • Science.
  • Social studies.
  • High School and Upper-level math.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Literature and English.
  • Others (such as accounting, economics, etc.).

Just like Textsheet, Slader is free to use and those who are unable to pay for Chegg can opt for this. Those desiring to browse questions others have asked, they can move to any category or subject page through the search bar.

THose who wish to can ask their own question without paying a dime. THey can click on the green button titled ASk Question on a certain category page. Yet  they might need to scroll down a bit to reach it. It is slightly complicated to use in comparison to Textsheet com.

For high school students, Slader is free. However, for college and university students, they need to sign up for either a paid or premium plan (costing around USD$ 8 per month). This plan helps college students get the needed books, sheets and questions answered. 

It however has ads as they are its main source of earning. Then again, it has also been able to help professionals learn digital marketing work. For USD$ 4 per month, the ads can be removed for high schoolers.


Another great alternative to Textsheet com and that by utilization of flashcards to help learn and retain information is none other than StudyLib. It not only helps in customizing flash cards but also has an extensive library of them across various subjects. 

Some students however found StudyLib a bit confusing to use at first. Yet, they’ll get used to it. There is a wide array of documents in a diverse range of categories, which contain Q & A’s, puzzles, cheat sheets and numerous other useful resources for learning.

StudyLib has a free extension on Google Chrome extension, which is designed to help students learn new concepts and review old studies daily. Here are some features of the Chrome extension:

  • New tab background.
  • Flashcards.
  • Translator.

StudyLib is Free. The application also provides help to marketing students in terms of both a marketing spreadsheet and marketing pie chart.

School Solver

School Solver is worth using. Instead of copying Q & A’s from other websites, it connects students with real experts to answer their questions. Here students only have to pay for what they can afford. Here is its Modus Operandi:

  • Students having a school problem can post it on School Solver.
  • Students can decide how much to pay. The more a student can pay, the quicker their question will be answered.
  • An expert is able to answer their question and obviously earns a certain percentage.
  • The answer can be rated.
  • Both the question and the answer are posted to the School Solver question library.

There are numerous questions which can be answered for just $1, $2, or $3. If the student’s question is urgent, they can mark it that way and pay more, but if they can wait, then they can pay as little as $1. It should be understood that complex answers will require time for answering.

School Solver is a “micro tutoring” marketplace. 

What it means is that students can get an online tutor to answer just a single question for just a dollar. While School Solver is not free, it is quite affordable, which depends on the way students use it.

Course Hero

Course Hero is not as structured as Textsheet should be, it is a worthwhile alternative resource for students wishing to do their homework nicely and with help. For former users of Textsheet, this is a worthwhile alternative.

However, Course Hero is not entirely free as some features require payments. The software does help students browse study guides and resources based on Literature title, school, subject and textbook.

How can students use it for free as the platform depends on an unlocking system? Carrying out and finishing some actions, plus contributing to the community can help do so. 

Here are some ways to do it:

  • Uploading 10 study documents or guides helps students get five unlocked questions/categories and a chance to ask three tutor questions.
  • After document upload, students can keep earning unlocked categories and questions. 
  • A free unlock for rating or reviewing five documents or questions.
  • When five users give a document a thumbs up, the doc’s owner gets an unlock.
  • Students then earn eight tutor questions for each friend they refer to the application.

Course Hero is free to use. If students are using the free plan, they will either have to pay per question or unlock the whole thing. Here are the pricing plans:

  • The monthly payment plan for Course Hero of $39.95/month gives students access to 10 tutor questions. 
  • The annual payment plan of $9.95/month ($119.40/year) provides them access to 40 tutor questions. 

It should be observed that premium members can earn additional questions. 


The list may seem small but is certainly worth following and understanding. Textsheet has now been closed but these alternatives are here to save the day and help students with their academics. Moreover, these platforms are helping technology improve the standards of education and also are helping college grads revise their concepts.

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