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Become a pro Wordpress Custom Theme Developer

How you can Become a pro WordPress Custom Theme Developer ?

WordPress is not just any content management system (CMS), it is one of the popular, free of cost and open source CMSs available these days. Not only does it power almost 40% of the internet, but also numerous web pages use WordPress as both a blogging forum, media gallery, forum, online mailing lists, stores and the like.

WordPress is unique because it is a user friendly and an open source content management system. Individuals with the basic web creation and internet skills can make websites on it with ease. It even allows them to configure sites made on it, upload a theme and add in the needed plug-ins for their own website.

Since WordPress is quite a large content management system, a lot of people are using it daily. no doubt it is user friendly. Yet customizing a site built on it requires knowledge of web development and coding. This is the reason WordPress developers are created in the market, As a WordPress Developer if you want to use free plugins visit MU Plugins.

What is a WordPress developer?

WordPress developers actually have knowledge of programming languages and can work with SQL, GIT, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and the like. Creating customized plugins and modules won’t be a problem for them. A smartsites WordPress developer needs a good understanding of the core WordPRess functions, good skills in PHP and a good knowledge of all products WordPress has to offer to ensure all plugins and themes work together in a unified manner.

Kinds of WordPress Developers

The term WordPress developer is a broad term. There are different kinds of such developers as WordPRess is a content management system having a lot of components working together to make it run properly. Here are the main kinds of them.

Core Developer

They are developers who actually work on the WordPress core software. They enter the code and make or recommend a certain set of changes to the WordPress Core. This can affect WordPRess as a whole.

Theme Developer

They create WordPress themes for WordPress sites. Their knowledge helps them customize websites having a certain look. To change the theme, they know what colors, layout and style is needed to help WordPress sites and pages stand out.

Plugin Developer

They make WordPress plugins for the website. Plugins are basically applications that amplify and add functionality to the WordPress website.

How to become a WordPress developer or Can you Become a pro WordPress Custom Theme Developer

Those who desire becoming WordPress developers can start by having the right qualifications. It begins with learning the core fundamentals of WordPress and then application of these skills. Joining a WordPress developers community also helps.

Let us now have a look at key tips in becoming a WordPress developer:

Understanding the needed skills

WordPress developers should be fluent in the WordPress fundamentals. Afterwards their potential on the content management platform will be limitless. Their knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL and other related languages helps them keep WordPress pages safe, secure and programmable.

Learning about WordPress – the steps involved

There are a lot of WordPress courses which can be taken online. Topics such as uploading and customizing plugins are also discussed. They also showcase each kind of plugin, how they are executed and how each part of a WordPress site works together.

Selecting the area of development to focus on

There are various kinds of WordPress developers present out there. Hence it is imperative to pick the one which developers wish to focus on and specialize in that. Everyone wants to be the best. If become a pro wordPress custom theme developer are best at making themes and plugins, then they will have a lot of work to do all the time.

Getting ready for challenges

Working with software is a tricky job. Developers will face numerous issues that can even hurt display and functionality of web pages. This can lead to downtime on the website, coding bugs, and major system crashes. Skills to learn in this regard should aim at preventing bugs, resolving technical and security issues as well.

Compromised security and hacked web pages are a major component of problems associated with owning a website. To prevent such, certain measures are taken to ensure they won’t happen again. Moreover, backing up data is quite important so no one loses their work.

Making a plug-in development environment

Developers must practice by carrying out. Once they know how to make a plugin, they should test it and troubleshoot issues to make it even better. Working on live websites may not be that great but working in a controlled environment helps prevent problems from forming.

Those who wish to obtain experience working on a live website need to pay for WordPress hosting too. It’s not worrisome as it is affordable. Numerous review sites are present who can help developers buy discounted hosting for as low as USD$ 5 per month.

Connecting with a WordPress community

Being connected with other WordPress users is key for WordPress developers to taste success. As it has numerous websites and powers almost 40% of the Internet, imagine the number of people running them.

A community of WordPress developers and users can help provide development and support on numerous projects. They also can make a forum for WordPress troubleshooting, trends and developer networks.

These skills are key to help aspiring developers become fluent in WordPress development. There is no predefined time limit for any individual becoming a WordPress developer as the process itself is a comprehensive learning experience. Once developers have gained the needed experience with WordPress web development, they can launch a live site and pay for hosting with ease.

How to change WordPress theme?

When changing WordPress themes, developers can be assured that all content (media, pages, posts and comments) will be safe throughout the process. No one will lose any information and there is no need to move the content (as it remains intact in the dashboard).

To change WordPress theme, all one needs to do is go to the Appearance tab, then going to themes from the left side panel of the WordPress admin panel. They should then check the theme they desire and click on ‘activate’ button to apply it. Afterwards, they can visit the website’s homepage and see the new theme set up impeccably and with precision.


WordPress is user-friendly and among the best content management systems present. Plugins are essential to its functioning and so are the themes. To become a WordPress developer, mastering the needed programming languages is a must and a degree in computer science adds more to the blessing. Additional courses add the needed value.

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