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Best Key rank tracking software for Google keyword rankings

To accomplish this objective, the right tools and keyword tracking software are needed which can reveal where a specific keyword ranks in Google’s SERPs without having to do any manual work. Let us now have a look at those tools which digital marketers and their SEO professionals can use without hesitation:


Semrush is one of those keyword tracking software which many digital marketers regard as their favorite. Marketers can enter the whole site’s URL or that of the blog post, and see which keywords were searched for. One of the resulting keywords can be clicked on to see the competition, density, rank and other details of that keyword.

Semrush supports Google and users can select Google search based on the geographical region they have targeted. Additionally options for Bing, MSN and Startpage plus other search engines are coming up as well.

Those wondering about which keywords they should rank for, the tool has them covered. They can simply add the domain name in the URL field, and later it will show them all keywords they are ranking for.

Semrush without any doubt is a professional tool and a digital marketing software anyone can easily use. It makes adding keywords easier through the following methods:

  • Connecting the search console and retrieving keywords from there.
  • Manual entry.
  • Tracking top keywords already discovered by Semrush for the domain in spotlight.
  • Either from a txt file or a csv sheet.


AccuRanker ranks among the most dedicated paid keyword position checking tools. The platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which helps professionals work with ease. No wonder it makes keyword ranking in Google Search quite easy.

For Bing and Yandex, options are present as well and for the latter, AccuRanker is a popular keyword monitoring tool.

The results of AccuRanker are quick and accurate. In a click users can observe previews of search results. Such snapshots are best for agencies who need to show clientele proof of keyword ranking. Additionally, the tool helps check keyword ranking based on geographical location targeted.

Consequently, when both SEO professionals and digital marketers enter a new keyword to track, they can set the target location (and can also set more than one of them). They have numerous plans based on the number of keywords required for tracking.

Correspondingly, they allow users to utilize a 14-day trial period.

Correspondingly, a 14-day trial period can also be utilized.

SiteChecker Tracking Software

Site checker is a robust rank tracking tool trusted by numerous brands around the world. Let us examine some of its key features first:

  • Tracking website rankings at any location, device and search engine with ease.
  • Obtaining daily and weekly email reports.
  • Filtering keywords through multiple conditions.
  • Sorting keywords by means of position change.
  • The Advanced mode helps customize keyword table settings.
  • it provides marketers knowledge of keywords ranked by URLs (even the unplanned ones too).
  • Keyword SERP analysis .
  • Adding notes after important events.
  • It provides freelancers and agencies PDF reports specific to their brands.


Ahrefs is one of those keyword tracking software which is heavily favored by all SEO and digital marketing pros. They rank it above Semrush and other associated tools.

The platform is loaded with an array of features which are comprehensive and user friendly. They automatically detect the keyword websites are ranking for. The ranking can be specified for countries, counties, cities and other geographical locations too.

The tool certainly comes with both a trial period and flexible subscription options of course.

Here are some more reasons why Ahrefs is top of the line in terms of keyword rank tracking and analysis:

  • it accordingly conducts keyword research for more than ten search engines.
  • Observe data based on users’ clicks.
  • Obtaining total search traffic estimations.
  • Also, it altogether with the above also offers showing growth or decline inn backlink growth over a certain time period.
  • Shows top subfolders by traffic.
  • Analysis of SERP history.
  • Uncovering gaps present in content.
  • Shows ranking history too and monitors outbound links.
  • The content explorer helps look for prospects for link building.
  • Obtaining keyword ranking alerts.
  • Analysis of internal backlinks.

Google Rank Checker

One of the best free online utilities and keyword rank tracking software available, Google Rank Checker has helped users track keyword positioning decently in Google search engine results. All users need to do is simply add the keyword they wish to search along with the domain name. It will show them the position of that very keyword in Google.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Keyword Research.
  • Rank Tracking. 
  • Traffic metrics and SEO reporting.
  • Easy management of data.
  • Flexible settings.
  • Search safety.


Indeed, these tools are among the best keyword tracking tools and tracking software not just available, but also favored by a vast majority of digital marketers. Those who believe in providing accurate results and analysis to everyone involved, can evidently agree that these software are worth utilizing. 

Some of these tools are free, while some come with a price. Besides, the ones having a price tag offer a wide array of features and options. Overall, they can give digital agencies a discount, provided they use it in the long run.

Thus, those who wish to significantly improve their keyword tracking mechanism plus overall SEO effort, they can go for these tools with relevant ease.

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