VPS Ireland: 10 Best VPS Server Providers In Ireland

Are you planning to migrate your website from a shared server to a VPS server Ireland ? Do you have a new website that you want to host on a VPS server? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you might be looking for the best VPS server provider in Ireland. If so, then this article is for you.


In this article, you will learn about the top ten VPS server providers in Ireland.


VPS Ireland: 10 Best VPS Server Providers In Ireland

Here is a list of top 10 VPS in Ireland that are worth spending your hard earned money on.


Have you ever wished you could get the performance of a dedicated server without paying the hefty price? If so, HOSTNOC VPS grant you your wish. By carefully selecting hardware for their VPS servers, they can deliver consistent performance. Their SSD powered VPS deliver blazing fast read and write speeds.

With 99.99% service level agreement  backed uptime guarantee, downtime is no longer an issue. To make sure your website stays up and running at all times, they even offer round the clock performance and security monitoring. You can contact their customer support anytime thanks to 24/7 availability. 


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If that was not enough, they even let users choose between Windows and Linux based VPS servers. Users don’t have to worry about losing their data thanks to frequent data backup and easy restore process. The interesting part is that you can get all this and much more at a reasonable price.

A2 Hosting

For those who are ready to pay a premium for unmatched performance, A2 hosting is the best choice. Yes, their pricing plans are on the expensive side but they do deliver on their promises of exceptional page load times and uptime. When it comes to performance, there are very few that can even come close to A2 hosting. This makes it one of the best VPS Ireland for performance lovers. Sadly, the high renewal fees can force some buyers to look elsewhere before renewing their contract with A2 hosting.


Are you looking for a reputable and experienced service provider which has a history of delivering exceptional results? If so, Navicosoft should be on top of your list. With decades of experience behind their back, you can not go wrong with this VPS provider. The 30 day money back guarantee offered by Navicosoft will attract new buyers but the service quality they deliver means that you might not have to get a refund. Thanks to a wide range of packages to choose from, businesses can easily find one that suits their specific needs irrespective of how small or large it might be.

OVH Cloud

OVH Cloud needs no introduction when it comes to IT services. Despite having a huge service catalog, their service tends to struggle when it comes to customer support and user friendliness. If you can look past these two weaknesses or can live with it, you can consider their VPS offering. They even have the option to rent a VPS server to cater to your temporary business needs.


Don’t want to get yourself stuck in a long and painful vendor contract? Try MilesWeb. They give users a monthly billing option which allows them to cancel anytime they want. MilesWeb has a vast network of servers and data centers spread across the globe which offers better coverage. Customer service is also up to the mark. Unfortunately, you might have to contact support to unlock certain features which is somewhat annoying for new users.


If stability and performance is your priority, you should definitely take a look at My Host. Setting up your server is free as they don’t charge any setup fee. Getting customer support is also convenient thanks to multi-channel support. It is also a great choice for E-commerce businesses as the hosting comes with useful features for e-commerce websites. The lack of freebies and costly add-ons could increase your overall bill and a lack of cPanel can be a big downside too.


LetsHost does a commendable job in some aspects while falling short in others. For one, speeds can be inconsistent. Secondly, the cPanel is difficult to use due to a complex user interface. So, if you want faster page load times and easy to use cPanel for managing your server, you should look elsewhere.


On the flipside, it packs some great WordPress features and the unlimited email addresses can also lure some businesses towards it. Security is also one area where LetsHost outshine other competitors. With daily data backups, you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

AccuWeb Hosting

If you are one of those who want to get your hands on top of the line features without paying the high price then Accu Web Hosting will bring a smile on your face. You will be hard pressed to find a server provider that offers fast customer support and amazing uptime like Accu Web Hosting. Most plans also come with a data backup facility. The complicated user interface of cPanel might need some getting used to especially for new users. Just like HOSTNOC, they also let you choose your favorite operating system from Windows and Linux. 


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Secure Hosting

Just like Accu Web Hosting, Secure Hosting offers uptime which is hard to beat. Their SSD based VPS server delivers great performance and responsiveness. The number of security options are also plenty and the support for both cPanel and Plesk is a big plus. Customer support is one area where Secure Hosting lags behind its competitors. The unresponsive support can be a deal breaker for some users but if you are not one of them, Secure Hosting is a worth considering option.

Spiral Hosting

Spiral hosting plans might not seem extraordinary at first but when you experience their service quality, customer support and dedication, you will realize that it is quite reasonable. The monthly payment option relieves users of vendor lock-ins and provides them the flexibility to change VPS server providers when they want. Unfortunately, these monthly billing options are only available for higher priced plans.


Which is your favorite VPS server provider in Ireland and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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